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The Maine Freighter

Two Rivers Canoe and Tackle Maine Freighter

The Maine Freighter Canoe combines the graceful lines and stability of the Scott 21' Hudson Bay with newer lay-up technology, and a host of other changes to make the new canoe more rugged and user friendly.

Two Rivers Canoe Maine Freighter    Two Rivers Canoe and Tackle Maine Freighter

It now has three full-width seats, a smooth floor, and no thwarts making moving around easier. A new 1" drain plug system and spray rails are now cast into the hull, rather than being bolted on afterwards.

The Maine Freighter is a great blend of the old and the new, and is available now at Two Rivers Canoe & Tackle!

The Maine Freighter

Scott Canoes

Scott Canoes are back and are even better with multiple improvements.

Hudson Bay Freighter
Scott Canoe Hudson Bay Freighter
The ultimate fishing machine. An efficient hull, which moves easily with a small outboard and draws only 3" to4" of water. Walk the gunnels, and stay out fishing when boats are running for shore. 6-15 hp.

Deep Duck Boat
Scott Canoe Deep Duck Boat
The 16' is designed for duck hunters or fisherman, who insist on super stability in a planing hull. Move surprising fast with an 6 - 15 hp.


Scott Canoe Albany
The 18' Albany has a smaller hull with a lot to stability. 100 lbs lighter with rocker built in for a more maneuverable ride. Great on smaller waters and rivers. 5-10 hp.

Scott Canoe Makobe
The 16' version of the freighter. Made for lakes, ponds, anywhere a trailer isn't possible. Weighs only 100 lbs in fiberglass and 80 lbs in Kevlar. 2-6 hp